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Inward investment in Hackney is led by the Council’s Area Regeneration Service. The team supports businesses big or small as well as new start-ups to locate in the Borough. The team is highly experienced in inward investment, business relocation, as well as having industry specific knowledge across key sectors such as tech, fashion, design, construction, leisure and tourism, retail, charities, creative industries and the arts.

The Council can advise businesses on getting the right location for your business and you can talk with the Area Regeneration Managers who have in-depth knowledge of their area.

Once you have chosen your location the team acts as a conduit between your organisation and the Council, providing practical help with finding premises, planning matters and helping you to link up with key partners and industry groups in the area.

For advice and information on moving into the borough for the first time, and for strategic advice about relocating and developing your business in Hackney:

For more information, please contact:

Andrew Scott, Area Regeneration Manager (Shoreditch & Stoke Newington) 020 8356 4311  andrew.scott@hackney.gov.uk

Cory Defoe, Area Regeneration Manager (Dalston & Hackney Central) 020 8356 8274 cory.defoe@hackney.gov.uk

Mathieu Rogers, Area Regeneration Manager (Hackney Wick & Upper Lee Valley) 020 8356 4287 mathieu.rogers@hackney.gov.uk

Lorna Blake, Developer and Business Engagement Manager (Hackney Wick & Fish Island only) lorna.blake@hackney.gov.uk

Olga Vandenbergh, Business Communications & Engagement Manager, 020 8356 7267  olga.vandenbergh@hackney.gov.uk

Anne Malcolm, Programmes and Projects Manager, 020 8356 2211  anne.malcolm@hackney.gov.uk