How do you get to work in Hackney?

 Tell us and be in for a chance to win £200 and grants for your workplace.

To help improve your commute we would like to understand how you currently travel, what would encourage you to think about walking, cycling or using public transport and what would improve your existing journey. The survey runs from 1 – 30 September 2015.

To apply for a sustainable transport grant, forward the survey to your colleagues and your workplace could apply for up to £2000 to help reduce emissions and encourage sustainable transport initiatives. Previous grants have included: electric vehicle charging point, pool bikes, cycle parking, cycle maintenance and transport maps. See what Hackney Down Studios did with theirs.

Based in the Shoreditch area? Join the Zero Emissions Network (ZEN), a group of local businesses working together to create a cleaner environment to help make Shoreditch a better place to visit, work and do business. The aim is to reduce emissions, improve local air quality and the quality of the environment. ZEN provides unique deals, publicity, information and networking opportunities to all members of the network. Take the survey and join ZEN today.

Your feedback will let us know what we are doing well and how we can improve.

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