NTIA Publish Report on Importance of Night-time Economy

The Night Time Industries Association is a newly formed lobbying organisation created to support the economic development of the night-time economy (NTE).

One of their first actions was to commission sociologist Prof. Frank Furedi to produce a report on the current landscape within the industry, its input into the UK economy including employment and the pressures faced by the industry in terms of growth.

The report entitled 'Forward into the Night' details the significant contribution restaurants, bars and clubs currently have to the UK economy, including being one of the biggest employers of 18-24 years-olds and how this contribution is set to grow as cities such as London move towards 24 hour operating hours.


The NTIA hope to promote a conversation about changing the narrative among media and politicians in which Authorities and the Industry can work together to tackle issues whilst continuing to support a vital and developing section of the UK economy.

Find the NTIA website: HERE