Echo++ Can Take Your Business Into The Future

Echo++ is a new business accelerator programme from Economy of Hours that individually tailors the support for East London sole traders, start-ups and micro businesses. 

It is bespoke to each organisation and rather than traditional ‘top down’ support, it’s a networked approach, connecting local businesses and experts with passion for growth and a willingness to share – and there’s no money involved.

Echo++ is being funded by Friends Provident Foundation, London Legacy and Nesta and created with industry leaders, innovators and local businesses, Echo++ is a tailored and agile business growth accelerator with a portfolio of resources, workshops and learning practises like…

  • Comprehensive growth diagnostics: Identify exactly what you need to learn and implement to grow your business 2-4 clicks on our enterprise development scale (below)
  • Masterclass workshops run by industry experts: Learn and apply the specific skills and knowledge required to move your business forward – from those who have been there and done it
  • Placements with suitable businesses: Learn directly from those in different industries with similar challenges
  • Expert troubleshooting consultancy: A ‘critical friend’ whose experience will help overcome blockers in your current business practice
  • Access to new tech/facilities: Software training you can walk away with and use instantly as well as access to machinery and tech facilities

In six week, three month or six month packages, all launching in September 2015, Echo++  promise to move business on 2-4 clicks of the scale above.

How can you get involved?

If you’re a business with a clear offer, based in London and interested in being part of an Echo++ programme click here to fill out this short form.