'Jobs for Jobless Generations' Campaign Launch

Hackney based Youth employment charity Circle have launched a campaign to raise support for some of the UK’s 1 million young jobless.  The message is being delivered by an extremely  impactful film in which unsuspecting job-seekers are given shocking advice by an actor playing a career adviser, the advice is based on stereotypes of the unemployed youth and includes getting pregnant to be eligible for benefits and becoming a drug dealer.

The film illustrates just how difficult the job market can be for young people with stereotyping being a genuine issue when companies are considering candidates. The campaign that is being backed by Deborah Meaden of Dragons' Den, asks everyone to donate a tweet including #JoblessGeneration and share the video to raise awareness and make British companies consider stereotyping when interviewing for staff.   

Watch the full film here:

Circle founder Turly Humphreys said: “Our aim as a charity is to help young people with barriers to permanent employment get into work. These barriers can be such things as lack of confidence, lack of role models, basic life skills and of course the catch 22 situation of lack of experience. This can be hard work sometimes, but we face a bigger battle trying to change people’s broader perceptions when they meet our candidates, so it’s not an immediate ‘no’. Research has shown that we read negative body language and react negatively towards it, almost like a self-fulfilling prophecy. So the more we can change people’s opinions, the more we can help our candidates get a fair shot.”

Circle was founded in September 2010 by Turley Humphrey’s. Circle was created to help unemployed young people acquire and develop the workplace skills, confidence, positive mindset and self-discipline needed to secure life-changing permanent employment.


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