LEP Publishes London 2036: Agenda for Jobs and Growth

The London Enterprise Panel (LEP) has published the results of a detailed consultation regarding London's continued status as the foremost global business hub.

The report uses data collected by McKinsey & Co to illustrate just how London has achieved its current title as an economic world leader, how precarious the current structure is for future development and what needs to change to safeguard London from further economic instability.

Concerns about global access, digital connectivity, talent development, provision of housing, political agendas and infrastructure investment are introduced as potential hurdles to London's future competitiveness in the global market and its ability to develop a balanced economy. Cities in developing markets are catching up and even exceeding London when it comes to economic growth, job creation and quality of living.

These are just some of the issues discussed in the agenda and it goes on to detail how these negative outcomes can be avoided via three core themes to help develop and safeguard London's economy:

  • Cementing existing leadership: The Global Hub
  • Fueling more diverse growth: The Creative Engine
  • Addressing weaknesses: The City that Works

Read how this can be achieved and the full report here: https://lep.london/publication/london2036