The Here East Vision

The Vision for Here East has arrived and it shows how technology of the future is being developed on our doorstep.

Here East is the new name for the former Olympic Press and Broadcast Centre and at over a million square feet it is one of London's biggest developments but more impressive than its size is the fact that it is hyper-connected and all commercial space.

The people behind the development tapped up local tech talent to create an incredible promo video that features a robot that was designed and hand built in East London by self-confessed maker and tinkerer John Nolan. Believe it or not, everything is 100% real: no CGI, just pure talent and craft

Filmed on location at Here East, it took eight weeks to have a fully working (and articulate) robot.
Watch the full video here:

Of course if you'd like to know more detail and find out who is behind the project there is also a promotional video that features less robots.

And you can find out even more on the Here East Website: