Time to get up to speed on CSR

If you don't know what CSR stands for then its about time you did and this is how you can go about it.

Heart of the City (HOTC) is a 700 strong London-based support network giving companies the tools to increase their positive contributions to society by formally engaging in Corporate Social Responsibility practices (CSR). 

Companies increasingly need to demonstrate responsibility and positive contributions to society; HOTC recognise that understanding all the implications of this is not straightforward and therefore offer a free course in Corporate Social Responsibilty.

Applications to the 2015 Newcomers programme starting in January 2015 are now open until the 28 November 2014 with 70 places available this year.

Sign-up if:

  • You are an individual in a company with little or no experience of 'Corporate Social Responsibility' (CSR)
  • You are a small to medium size business (5-250 employees) or a larger organisation which wish to develop their CSR
  • You have ad-hoc activities but no strategic approach to social and environmental issues
  • Your company has a desire to succeed in the long-term, develop and attract the best employees
  • Your company is committed to improving its contribution to its stakeholders and its wider community
  • Your company is committed to manage its impact on the environment

 and recieve:

  • Up to 20 hours of CSR training through workshops, networking events and progress meetings
  • Access to support via our online library of tools and CSR mentoring

 For more info click this link

Alternatively contact HOTC directly by emailing: 


or calling 0207 332 3848.