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Nestled between Hoxton and Hackney Central, Haggerston is really beginning to come into its own. This mainly residential area is realising its potential as a quirky, independent business destination which draws in a large number of visitors, while retaining a strong community feel.

To the east side of the neighbourhood you can find the recently invigorated Broadway Market. The epitome of entrepreneurial spirit, the development of the market was largely led by local residents and is now firmly on the east London map. It boasts a farmer's style market and a selection of fashionable boutiques, bars and restaurants as well as a calendar of cultural events that often spill out from the market into the rest of Haggerston. Having the City on its doorstep, Haggerston could not be better located, and with the arrival of the East London Line in 2010 the area has opened up to even more opportunities.

The proximity to Hoxton and Shoreditch has made the area popular with young media and creative professionals. In recent years, as escalating property prices have driven commercial art galleries further into east London, Haggerston has begun to be described as ‘the new Hoxton’. This reputation is backed up by the proliferation of design and photographic companies, especially in and around Broadway Market and near Hackney Road to the south of the neighbourhood. Hackney Road is also home to many music studios, fashionable cafés and boutiques.

Haggerston’s growth has traditionally been tied to the more prominent areas of Shoreditch and Hoxton, but with the arrival of the East London Line it looks set to see the area gain greater independence and identity.