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An introduction to elevating your self confidence

Let’s talk Self-confidence you can’t see it but you sure know when you have it or when you don’t.

Believe it or not there are more people struggling with their self-belief and self-confidence than you would know.

  • Are your confidence levels affecting a particular area of your life?

  • Perhaps you need to have an important conversation soon and want to communicate more confidently?

  • Would you like to be more assertive in your interactions at work?

  • Do you sometimes struggle in social situations?

  • Are you an Entrepreneur feeling challenged with getting things done because you don’t believe in yourself enough?

If we don’t get into it, how will things Change?

In collaboration with Hackney House, Rosemarie Wilson will be delivering a session, jam packed with value all presented in a Lunch & Learn.

The topic of Self-Confidence is multifacetd so we’ll cover some of the basics to start you off thinking differently:

During the hour you will:

  • Learn practical ways you can immediately put into use, to elevate your self-confidence

  • Identify your beliefs and whether they grant or deny you power

  • Learn how changing your perspective will support you to feel more confident

  • Discover ways to set your boundaries so you feel more confident in saying “No”

  • Learn how you can begin to step past fears that are holding you back

  • Create foundations you can build on and use in many situations to feel more confident

You'll leave with simple and practical knowledge you can begin to use, to feel more confident and motivated to achieve more of what you want.

Please bring your lunch with you and also a question or challenge and have it answered.

Something to take notes will also be handy so you can plan your next steps and start taking action as soon as you leave.

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