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EVENT: Pitch It! Increase Diversity in the Creative Industries

How to Increase Diversity in the Creative Industries a panel discussion hosted by Pitch It!

Pitch It! has established itself as one of Hackney’s leading social enterprises working to increase diversity in the creative industries by supporting equal access to creative careers since 2013. Working with creative professionals across the spectrum of industries to offer students from lower socioeconomic settings a programme of one-to-one and networking opportunities. 

On 21st May Pitch it! are hosting a debate panel to discuss innovative approaches to increasing diversity in our creative economy.

Teo Connor CoFounder, W Project, talking about supporting gender equality.
Robin Wight Director, WCRS and Founder, Ideas Foundation, his perspective on
broadening the recruitment pipeline in the creative industries.
Hackney 100 Local into employment initiative placements for young people in
local businesses.
Laura Whitticase , Arts Division, Barbican, outlining elitism in the arts and the need to
make arts funding more accessible.

Kitt Proudfoot and Ameer , Pitch It mentor and mentee who’ll discuss their experience
on the programme.
"Despite creative industry growth, a rising tide doesn’t seem to be floating all boats. Many London boroughs, Hackney being one example, with a flourishing creative economy have a NEET population of over 20%. The industry is seen as hard to break into because of a lack of access to a network of 'the right people' who can act as ‘gatekeepers’ and role-models. On top of this, the lack of clear ‘routes’ into employment is off putting
to young people who may be risk averse due to lack of financial security.” - Isabel Farchy, Pitch It! CoFounder

Founded in 2013 by Teach First Ambassador, Isabel Farchy and Eat Work Art ’s Head of Communications, Louise Wellby, Pitch It! has to date supported over 70 students from 6 schools (as well as several NEETS) across London into broadening their skills, horizons and connections towards creative and cultural careers.


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