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Cave of Plunder is a Multi award winning milkshake bar & diner based in Hackney. It has been featured in Time Out London, included in the top 5 coffee houses in Hackney and received an award at the 2014 Hackney Business Awards.  

Owner Costas Kotrofis says: 'We have had an amazing start to our business, achieving so much so soon. We are humbled and proud and being born and bred here makes my contribution feel even better as I am serving the place I call home.

We are a diner and milkshake parlour based in Clapton Pond, Hackney E5, based at 201 Lower Clapton Road which takes into account the entire community. Serving food and drink in store and also to people's front door with our delivery service. I was born on this road, in Mothers Hospital many moons ago and know what Hackney was, its reputation of the past and what it has become, its great how times have changed. So many new businesses are popping up along the high street, so much creativity and new ideas flooding into the local area.

Hackney is probably the most multi-cultural and most diverse area in the UK, the Olympic Games encapsulated what Hackney has to offer. It is Hackney's personality, the people, the pride people have in Hackney that makes it what it is today. 

As a business we have 6 staff serving the local community, we serve something that caters for the entire community, no matter religion, creed or social status. We are a family friendly store, selling no alcohol. We sell milkshakes, bagels, ice cream and very shortly, we will be selling all the best food an American diner could possibly offer! Waffles, pancakes, nachos, cheesy fries, stone baked pizza, steak, hand made burgers and more but the best thing about the way we have approached this business is to socially include the entire community.

Being born here I had many friends, Greek, Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Jamaican you name it. It was such an experience growing up to taste all these different foods, experience all these different cultures, noticing all the traditional approaches people took when eating whether it was not being able to eat certain foods due to religious beliefs or the fact they just wanted something different.

We are inspired to try and bring both old and new communities into one place like myself sitting with all my different friends from different countries and being able to do so with assurance that what they eat they have comfort in doing so.

We are HMC (Halal Monitoring Committee) certified, they inspect our supply chains thoroughly, which gives reassurance to all customers we serve that there is no contamination in any meat products we sell from Pork so ANYONE can eat here that is the beauty, we have built this building around the whole Hackney community, serving Hackney our Home.

We wanted to create a family friendly environment to cater for all and therefore decided not to serve alcohol, not having any barriers for children and adults alike to have fun in a multi-faith, multi-ethnic community and this is what distinguishes us I believe.

If I had advice to give someone coming into Hackney, I would say look at what Hackney was, what it has become and what it can achieve. Embrace what Hackney is. Embrace it.

The thing I keep telling myself is its about being ME... Let others do what they need to do and try and earn a living. That’s what we are all here for, just remember what makes you an individual from the pack and is YOU.

We are based at Cave of Plunder, 201 Lower Clapton Road, Hackney London, E5 8EG

You can find us on facebook, twitter and instagram at cave of plunder.

and on our delivery hotline 0208 986 9991